Vegetarian Lifestyle Cooking: Farmz, Tanjong Katong, Singapore


Farmz Asia is a community lead by passionate individuals educating & getting more people to understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.
Housing expertise in Healthy Lifestyle, Food Education, Juicing & Detox & Natural Baking, Farmz Asia are the first in Asia & Singapore to be conducting interactive hands-on Workshops.They pride themselves to not just be a unique school on food education, but about nurturing your Lifestyle! Mr. Mark.L, Asia's Juice Guru helms the food education to reverse lifestyle disease. 
I conduct 5 different classes at Farmz Asia that are offered as a part of their lifestyle package. 
  1. Whole Wheat Prata/Parathas
  2. Dairy-Free Curries
  3. Keto Gluten-Free Flatbread Meal
  4. Vegetarian Series with Legumes, Super-Grains and Vegetables
  5. A Modular, 3 Amazing Vegetable Class
These classes are specially curated Vegan, fuss-free, easy to cook. A healthy series that is best suited for people who love Indian food but don't want to eat out & want to try making it at home. The recipes you will learn is tailored to suit most palates and spice tolerance levels. I try to demystify the popular flavours of India and making it simple enough for your table. 
Think Fresh. Eat Better. Be Happy.
For more information contact:
Singapore: Farmz Lifestyle Studio 
Address: 79 South Bridge Road Singapore, 058079
 Phone: +65 9022 2882 
 7 Days a week from 12:00 pm to 09:00 pm

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