A Celebration of the Plant Kingdom 

For a Balanced World 



Kechil Kitchen is a Singapore enterprise focussed on making #meatless and #plantbased options interesting and helps people think natural, eat better and be happy. The idea largely revolves around celebrating and bringing back natural, sustainable and locally grown ingredients from the vegetable and fruit kingdom back to the table. 

As a digital enterprise, Kechil Kitchen aims to feed people with plates of story.. A Chef story of origins, flavours, ingredients, processes that have a narration beyond just the meal. A food journey where I can transport people culinarily and take them through a food story that has meaning beyond just the plated dish.


We do not propagate any specific diet as people should eat what is good for their bodies but definitely want to play a part in creating a balanced food system where there are interesting options available for people who want or feel the need to eat meatlessly. 


We strive to make the food experience fun, tasty and balanced. Balance is key. A good plate should offer a balance in texture, flavour and colour—a feast for the senses. A balanced diet with more plant-based in your meal, menu.

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Kechil Kitchen Collaborates 

Restaurants to narrate food stories using menus organised as a pop-up event. The menus try to champion locally grown, sustainable and biodiverse ingredients.

Cooking Shows / Lifestyle Education / Cooking Classes for showcasing recipes, ingredients, techniques. The shows / classes focus on understanding ingredients and techniques in a fun, fuss-free format.

Clients / Partners / Media to develop recipes and food products that follow the same philosophy and are helping create a balanced food system.

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# Kechil Kitchen.com

#Kechil Kitchen.com 
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