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Whole Plant-pork is made with Young Jackfruit is Karana's (a Plant-based Singapore company) answer to solving consumer concerns around food transparency, healthy eating and sustainability, whilst offering a genuinely meaty taste and texture. Karana is Chef-forward and offers Chefs foodservice ready packs of Young Jackfruit that is super easy to use and apply to menus/dishes.


Young Jackfruit has been used across Cuisines in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Traditionally used as a "poor man's meat" in India it is a sustainable crop and mostly consumed as a fruit. In its young/raw stage it is low in the glycemic index as it has not developed its flavours or sugars. While it makes for a great meat substitute, it is seasonal, cumbersome to cut and store. Therefore, Karana like companies is indispensable for Chefs like us who want to champion sustainable produce and provide diversity to the palate and plate. 

If you are a Chef and want to use KARANA in your menu, then feel to get in touch with me. 

"Deliciously indulgent Asian comfort food, made from whole-plants."

Seithi Events: "Snack with Seithi" at #OceanFinancialCentre @Mediacorpseithi @Seithi.Mediacorp


A corporate event for Seithi (CNA Tamil News) Singapore where the Kechil Kitchen team (with Mrs. Sujitha and Mrs. Bhuvana) served 600+ plates of Vadai, Chickpea Sundal, Green Chilli Techa with Mango Mayonaise. The event was organised as a drive to increase their digital presence and encourage people to download Seithi's Digital News App on phones and surf news in Tamil. Organized by the Sethi Team the food was served at the Ocean Financial Centre from a #foodtruck

Opera Estate Farmers & Flea Market: Cooking Demonstration

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A farmer market where Kechil Kitchen did a cooking demonstration of a Biryani Onigiri. The onigiri included all the food products retailed in the farmer's market. A talk to introduce the benefits of the ingredients followed by a detailed cooking demonstration on how to make the onigiri.


Available for purchase at Farmz Asia, Singapore 
Address:  236, Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437024  
Phone: +65 9022 2882  
7 Days a week from 12:00 pm to 09:00 pm
How to Cook?
Just 1/2 Tsp to transform your stir-fried vegetable.
Take 1 cup of your favourite vegetable, dice or chop it into small pieces. Add oil to a wide pan or wok, add the chopped vegetable and stir fry. Once almost done or cooked, salt it to taste. Turn the heat or flame off. Add 1/2 tsp of the ”Spice blend for vegetables”, toss to coat all the vegetables with the spice.
Serve. EAT.