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Thank you for coming!! Hope you enjoy your tour of Southern India. 

Here is the menu!

Starters: 1st course

Rail Palaharam. A Telengana Street food served with tomato tokku. Steamed rice dumplings sautéed with fresh coconut. Tomato tokku, a dip that is a tangy reduction tomato, shallots with a spice blend. 

Masala Kara Pori. A Madras beach special. Puffed rice with tomatoes and cucumber served with milage podi.

Mysore Bonda. The only place where the bondas beg to differ. While other southern states have bondas with a potato filling, these ones from Mysore are like pillows like, made with flour and yogurt, Served with a spicy green chilli chutney, this could become a addictive problem.

Pappadam Chanmmandi. A Kerala delight to showcase the difference between pappadam and appam. An apalams are crispy fritters that don’t puff up completely, found across the shelves of Singapore Indian shops, sun-dried to enjoy a long shelf life. But a papadam made with fresh dough that comes all the way from Guruvayoor Kerala, puffs up like cloud of air, very delicate on the palate. Chanmmandi is a tangy tamarind, red-chilli ball made with crushed pappadam that absorbs all the favour. 

Chegodilu. A traditional Andhra Wedding snack that is handmade. Made with rice flour, each one is individually rolled out into thin strips and then the two ends are joined to signify the beautiful union of the lives of two individuals. These crunchy rings are served with Curry leaf spice blended mayonnaise.

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Mains: 2nd course

Raw Papaya Pulisery. A cooling coconut and yogurt curry from Kottayam made with raw papaya and served with raw plantain.

No-Ayirai Meen Vazhaipoo Kuzhambu. A spicy shallot and tomato curry that was originally made with with the Indan spiny loach fish found in the paddy fields of Tamilnadu. Here the curry is made vegan with banana blossoms. 

Mamidi Pandu Pulusu. A go to curry for ever mango lover, this sweet-sour raw mango and tamarind curry is from Telengana.

Andhra Gongura. Sour Spinach cooked down to a spicy curry of health goodness served with beautiful baby yams cooked in the tandoor.

Coorg Non-Pandi Curry. Traditionally a pork curry indigenous only to the Coorg region of Karnataka because of an ingredient. The curry highlights a special sourced vinegar only available in this region, called ‘Kachampalli’ or ’Coorg Vinegar’ or ’Garcinia Cambogia’. Here adapted to be made vegan with Karana young jack. 

Above curries served with Kerala Parotta made by Flying Monkey’s tandoor master, Hyderabadi Biryani made by head chef of Flying Monkey, Chef Azad and Ragi Mudde, the original gluten free, steamed finger millet balls that are very full of calcium goodness for your body and eaten as a staple in Karnataka. Also served on the table, Beetroot Pachadi, a yogurt dip with beetroot and Kosambari Salad, a carrot and cucumber salad from Karnataka.

Dessert: 3rd course

Shahi Tukda. Rose petal jam smeared on a crispy bread to dunk into a whipped cream and pistachio shavings.  A Hyderabad special this is perfect example of the Moghul influence in the region. 

Tirunelveli Halva. Handmade over gluten extracted from wheat, fermented and cooked over 48 hours with a kick of saffron to elevate your regular pan (beetel leaf) eating experience after a classic Indian meal. 

Andhra Poornam Boorelu. A filling of split chickpeas cooked with jaggery and cardamom, dunked into a rice and lentil batter and then fried to give you a soft exterior. Served with caramel syrup to swirl into and banana to freshen up your palate.

Kerala Elaneer Pudding. A vegan pudding made with tender coconut water, pulp and nata-de-coco to help you appreciate the taste and textures of the quintessential coconut, fresh to fermented. Served jackfruit that another favourite of Kerala. 

Mysore Pak. A chickpea dessert that takes hours of muscle strength to stir (special thanks to Chef Azad for his brute strength). This rendition of a less sweet, very addictive delight is served chilled like a wafer ice cream.

Thank you!

5 States, 5th December at Flying Monkey, Singapore

Kechil Kitchen | Curated Menus | Cooking Judge | Corporate Events | Private Dining | Singapore | Masterchef | Vegetarian
Kechil Kitchen | Curated Menus | Cooking Judge | Corporate Events | Private Dining | Singapore | Masterchef | Vegetarian
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