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Kechil Kitchen y Sowmiya Venkatesan, Masterchef Singapore
Sowmiya Venkatesan

Founder | Chef | Storyteller

Kechil Kitchen | Curated Menus | Cooking Judge | Corporate Events | Private Dining | Singapore | Masterchef

Sowmiya Venkatesan, the visionary behind Kechil Kitchen, a Singapore-based enterprise, is dedicated to making food options not just enticing but also rooted in celebrating and reintroducing natural, sustainable, and locally grown ingredients to the culinary scene.


By profession a chef, and inherently a storyteller, she is committed to influencing the way people "think, eat, and make food." Being self-taught, Sowmiya revels in experimenting with flavour and texture combinations, utilising spices to imbue dishes with character. 


Her culinary approach is unconventional, blending traditional ingredients with a contemporary twist to create an experiential feast.

Sowmiya's menus are not just assortments of dishes but curated collections of food stories that delve into origins, flavours, ingredients, and processes, offering a narrative that transcends the mere act of eating. 


Her food philosophy is elegantly simple - it should be fun, tasty, and above all, balanced. A well-crafted plate, according to her, should provide a harmonious blend of texture, flavour, and colour, offering a sensory journey and a meaningful food story.


Her personal journey with food took a transformative turn when she married a food enthusiast, fondly nicknamed Sumo. A triathlete with an adventurous palate, he has significantly influenced her culinary exploration. Their son, a connoisseur, adds another layer to her culinary pursuits by inspiring visually appealing and nutritious meals.


Beyond her culinary endeavours, Sowmiya practices Sahaja Yoga, a method of meditation founded by HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi that is focused on self-realisation and balanced living. 


As a MasterChef Singapore finalist, she aspires to shape the food landscape, particularly in Singapore, emphasising sustainability and conscious eating.


She actively collaborates with restaurants and organisations in Singapore, sharing food stories through pop-up events that champion locally grown, sustainable, and biodiverse ingredients. She designs menus, provides consulting services, and trains chefs in Singaporean restaurants across cuisines.


As a judge for the TV cooking shows, she has been instrumental in inspiring home cooks to elevate traditional dishes from cuisines across South East Asia.


Beyond her culinary pursuits, Sowmiya collaborates with food companies in Singapore, defining culinary uses and developing recipes. Her marketing background enables her to curate menus that are not only consumer-relevant but also aligned with Kechil Kitchen's philosophy.


A people person at heart, Sowmiya invites you to join her in one of her food journeys. Stay updated on her upcoming ventures through her social media handles listed below.








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