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Welcome to Kechil Kitchen, where culinary traditions meet a commitment to balance, sustainability, and the celebration of diverse flavours. Based in Singapore, we are a food consulting company that curates menus with food storytelling for restaurants, media and companies.  We strive to be more than a food company – we plan a culinary journey, weaving stories of origins, ingredients, and processes that offers an experience.


We believe food connects people, cultures, and the planet. Our mission is simple yet profound: to bring back a sense of balance to the dining table. At Kechil Kitchen, we embrace the richness of biodiverse, sustainable, food security and locally grown ingredients, each one carefully curated to transport you on a unique food story.


As a digital enterprise, we don't just serve a dish; we plate narratives. Storytelling a tale of flavours that resonates with the ingredients, sharing the journey from farm to plate. We believe food connects people, cultures, and the planet.


While we don't prescribe to any specific diet, we are passionate about offering diverse and interesting options for those seeking balance in their food choices. Whether you choose to indulge in a meaty delight or opt for a plant-based sensation, Kechil Kitchen is your culinary companion.


We take pride in making the food experience not only delicious but also fun and balanced. For us, balance is the key to a memorable meal – a harmonious blend of texture, flavour, and colour that stimulates the senses. Our menu reflects our commitment to a balanced bite, with a focus on incorporating more plant-forward options into your culinary journey.


Join us at Kechil Kitchen, where every plate tells a story, and every bite is a step towards a more balanced and sustainable food future. Discover the joy of flavourful experiences, and let us take you on a culinary adventure that transcends the ordinary – because at Kechil Kitchen, it's not just a meal; it's a narrative, a celebration, and a commitment to a tasteful, balanced lifestyle.

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Curated Menus

Form collaborative partnerships with restaurants to craft compelling narratives around food and menus.


Cooking Shows

Host cooking shows, lifestyle education sessions, and cooking classes to showcase a diverse array of recipes, ingredients, and techniques.

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Corporate Partners

Collaborate with clients, partners, and media to co-create recipes and food products aligned with our shared philosophy, contributing to the development of a balanced food system.

Our Services:
We plate a story!
Curated menus, dishes, vegan, vegetarian, plant forward, sustainable, biodiverse in Singapore
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