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Come lets cook and lunch together at The Providore Cooking Studio!

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

When I say that I am passionate about contributing to eating fresh, eating right and eating better, I mean it. Here is one way I want to walk the talk. I feel, cooking classes are a great way to influence people on their approach to a healthy lifestyle.

When she started cooking, I was inspired by the flavours of India. I followed the recipes then of course added a modern, healthier twist to it. The twist also included the way the dish was cooked especially because I was working in an MNC and hardly had the time!

Time dictated everything including extracting flavours and trying to bring in the depth of flavour in the shortest time, easiest to remember recipe and follow a fuss-free method. I have spent all many weekends making this for my family and now, I want to share it with you and yours.

When I got married, I missed my mother’s flatbreads so much that I had to make them from scratch. I found that the process of dough making and getting to eat the hot bread without having to prove for hours, made is so worthwhile!! Kneading the dough had become my weekend tradition to get over work, stress and everything that kept me awake. Yes, this is therapy at its best, because you destress and get to eat it as well!

Being a vegetarian, I would not be wrong to say that I love vegetables and understand the way they lend their flavour, nutrition and texture to the dish. I have decided to pair these curries with more vegetables so they become drawing boards to how you could steal in more vegetables into your diets to make it a healthy indulgence.

Traditionally these curries are made with diary, but given the demand for Vegan, I have tailored the recipes to give the same flavours with no diary or animal products. So if you are having a hard time converting to a vegan, this is going to be a really beneficial class to attend!

After attending these classes, you will be able to cook some most popular Indian curries without using any "curry powder" and acquire skills in making different kinds of FLATBREADS to show to off all your guests.

These classes are best suited for anyone who loves Indian food but doesn’t want to eat out or anyone who wants to try making Indian food at home. The recipes you will learn are tailored to suit most palates and spice tolerance levels. I will also attempt to demystify the popular flavours of India and making it simple enough for your table. 

Come, join me and learn some of India's most popular curries with me. My classes focus on having fun, it is never about detailed recipes and doesn’t require any special cooking skill levels. The only way you can believe it is by attending it.


Venue: Providore Cooking Studio, OUE Downtown Gallery, 6A Shenton Way, 068815

Dates: April 13th, April 27th

Day: Saturday

Time: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM

A healthy Spinach based curry that is smooth, creamy begs to be eaten with rice or flatbreads. Popularly known as "Palak Panner" that is a Singapore favourite, it is a great way to use up the spinach still in your fridge. This vegan, non-paneer version uses Cauliflower to provide bite and nutrition. Can be served as a soup on its own, this fast to put together recipe helps retain the flavour and nutrition of the dish. 

Paired with an unleavened flatbread using chickpea flour called "Missi Roti". This high in protein flatbread, native to North of India and is slowly cooked to a crispy exterior is attained. Dunked into any curry this "roti" makes for much healthier alternative to Naans or oily pratas!

The class includes a demo of making the same with Chickpea Tofu.

A coconut based uncomplicated recipe that guarantees taste. This Vegan turmeric curry, principally makes your life simple. Made with a variety of vegetables this yellow hue of goodness offers a great way to increase your intake of vegetables. Inspired from the South of India this recipe is a good way to show off familiar Laksa like coconut milk-turmeric taste profile to a vegan audience.

Paired with a Vegan "Khameeri" that is a leavened flatbread with yeast and fennel with a twist. Originated in the Mughal era, 'Khameer' or 'Khamir' is an Urdu word meaning yeast. Learn how to pair this specially curated vegan version with a South Indian Curry to make for an amazing conversation starter! 

The class includes a demo of making the same with Roasted Potatoes.

See you soon!

Think Fresh. Eat Better. Be Happy. Love Sowmiya

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