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It is special. MasterChef Singapore's 2-part episode.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

MasterChef Singapore’s latest 2-part Special episodes, benefitting President’s Challenge and Social Service Agencies are very special to me.

It is a show of commitment (pun intended) from the MasterChef Singapore family, something we all truly believe in.

MasterChef Singapore has become a platform for every person in Singapore with an F&B dream irrespective of the background or circumstance.

The episodes are about food, the food-people with, an element of surprise, rules that determine the challenge, a race against the “MasterChef Clock”, filled with OMG moments, a guarantee of craziness from the MasterChef Kitchen all with a nail-biting finish.

Expect the same energy of a typical #Masterchef but with a heart.

All for a good cause. It is about 4 individuals who have life stories that will make you sit up and think. Motivate you to go pursue that nagging feeling inside and push yourself to follow, passion.

I am able to do what I do, have a second career at 42, only because of MasterChef and the F&B fraternity in Singapore. Therefore, my heartfelt thanks to every member of Motion Content Group, Beach House Pictures, Mediacorp, President’s Charity organisations, the entire cast & crew for giving me the opportunity to pay forward.

If you missed the episodes, watch it NOW on demand for free on Toggle.

Catch Part 1 at

Catch Part 2 at

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