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Question: Is Local produce important?

Updated: May 18, 2021

Answer: Yes, for a sustainable future. Your future, the future of Singapore.

Singapore Food Agency @sgfoodagency plan to for a food security consists of The 3 Food Baskets:

  1. Diversify Import Source

  2. Grow Local

  3. Grow Overseas.

Here is our narration of “The Singapore Food Story”

We selected farms and farmers in Singapore for the V-Dining by V-ZUG pop-up. Visited the farms, foraged, met the farmers, tasted their produce. Inspired came back to the Kitchen to cook up a menu to showcase this wonderful produce. @vdiningsg @vzugsea @vdining

While selecting the producers/farmers we wanted to ensure we have a good representation of where will the future of food in Singapore come from! How, and why it is important to have a good mix of all the approaches to the solution. @msesingapore

Below listed are the farm/farmers/producers we approached and worked with to create this plant-forward menu. To offer you a dining experience that celebrates the Local and the New.

Soil based farms like Pocket Farms and Pacific AgroFar are very precious for the Chef community in Singapore. They are led by people who are outstanding examples of Farmers in Singapore who understand soil, micro-climate and how to grow their produce on this soil. Completely indispensable in my opinion! Heartfelt thanks for all the sweat and toil they put in to grow for us. The produce showcased in the menu are Amaranth, Rose, Joe Biden Flower, Cucumber Flower and Cherry Tomatoes. @engtingting @pacificagrofarm

Hydroponic farms like and Sustenir are noteworthy examples of farms and urban farmers who have excelled in leveraging technology in hydroponics to grow produce that is not watered down in their taste. Paying attention to seed quality, nutrition, light for the plant that too with know-how that can be scaled up, is such an important part of the Singapore food plan. Kudos and thank you for the consistent quality produce! The produce showcased in the menu are Watercress, Wasabinas, Radish, Chinese Kale and Ice Plant. @susteniragriculture

Sunland is a Golden example of a Singapore company growing a staple like Rice overseas so that we can have farm lands to feed the country. Their efforts in R&D to produce a non-GMO, hybrid Brown Rice that is high in amylose and low in GI (Glycemic Index) is commendable! A perfect answer to one of the strategies to ensure food for the Nation, the brown rice is ground, fermented for the menu to be presented as Idli, the Indian Sourdough. Thank you for your focus on becoming the staple of the nation! @goldensunland

Singrow is again an amazing example of an agri-tech company in Singapore with some amazing results. Grown with their own proprietary technology, they are poised to be the future of farms with controlled environments. Their flagship produce being strawberry, is showcased in the dessert. Thank you for growing the impossible and giving us hope!

There are a few pre-eminent advocates that are part of the spectrum of the Singapore Food Solution. For example Urban Jungle Folks, founded by Michelle Tan, a sustainability educator, highlights edible plants native to Singapore through their tours and showcase farm at Dempsey. Another noteworthy mention is Urban Tiller, run by Jolene Lum is a farm produce aggregator that is fast becoming a support system for urban farmers in Singapore. Thank you Michelle and Jolene Lum for all that you do and in the way you do! Truly Passion Made Possible! @urbanjunglefolks @urbantillersg

When we talk of food sustainability it cannot be restricted to green vegetables only. The meat loving nation is fast embracing plant-based meats as one of the ways to combat the reliance on meat imports. Tindle, is the best Plant-based Chicken I have worked with that has the taste, flavour and strands to satiate a chicken lover’s palate. Increasingly becoming a Chef’s favourite in Singapore it is featured by Chef Ryan in his dish. Karana, with their meat shreds made from jackfruit is the answer to sustainable meat-like from the plant kingdom. Chef JP Fiechtner uses it in his dish exploiting its flavour, textures in two ways. Fable, is a story of pure deliciousness. Gluten-free, made of 5 ingredients, this umami-bite is made with Shiitake mushrooms without the Shiitake-ness. I have used it in a black sesame curry paired with the formidable Idli. Thank you for your enterprise and a better world! @tindlefoods @eatkanara @fablefoodco

Last but not the least, we picked a perfect partner, Native that focuses its cocktails on foraging, using regional produce Southeast Asia and beyond. Thank you for your commitment towards supporting the local and new! @nativebarsg

Bon-Appetite for a meatless future and Cheers to Singapore!

@chefryanclift @tipplingclub

@jpfiechtner @vdiningsg

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