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Preamble to ​MasterChef Singapore: What’s done, is plated. My experience in the MasterChef Kitchen.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Photo Credits: Charu Shah Photography

If there is one thing tougher than being a MasterChef contestant, is being a part of the production crew. Long hours, gruelling schedules, lack of sleep and extreme physical strain. You suddenly have a newfound respect for every 10 seconds of media production that you watch over a microwave popcorn. 

The cameramen, who could easily have an alternative career in weightlifting, manoeuvring standing on small wooden crates to wide or narrow down perspectives. Strapped “audio guys” rigging people with mics and wires, replacing batteries on end, testing the test to ensure everything is captured on time. Casting team ensuring we wake, report, eat, hydrate and relieve on time. The food team sleeping over to ensure the pantry is stocked, perishables replaced and made sure the cooking stations are wiped clean. All this while you stand surreal in a reality show where what you cook will tell the tale of time. 

This once in a lifetime experience is life-changing. This comes with a guarantee of losing track of time, date, day and sleep. A test to not just cooking skills but also resilience, a never-give-up attitude. A sport of extreme where the runs between the ingredient and equipment pantry to the cooking station will award more transition time. 

A time to come when a bunch of people spend a great amount of waking hours in a new home. My journey between make-up-touch-ups, cooking under pressure, attempting to plate the creative, gaining a new skill-perspective, taking permission on nature calls and making friends for life. An experience that I re-live rewind in my head every day and yet don’t want to change a thing, for a long time to come. 

In the weeks to come, I will share my experience. So stay tuned in here!

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